2D Animation

We offer a wide variety of creative animation services - from conceptualization to storyboards, animation, character design, turn-key production of commercial or traditional animations, and comics - everything is taken care well by our genius animation team. Using best in class 2D animation software, we generate high-class animations with added creative aspects. We also get assistance by our management system that keeps a close eye on our work progress and provides the needed guidance required at any given time. It helps us in keeping our animation work of high standards to meet client's specifications.

3D Walkthrough

We closely review client's specifications to understand what they want through 3D Walkthrough Animation. As if a client keeps a certain imagination about his dream home and wants us to visualize it in the best presentable way, we are capable of catching that specific insight of the client to make it to reality using our specialized knowledge on animation, including dynamic 3D Virtual Flythrough for all project verticals. Having competent animation designers, our team is capable of building a blueprint for a presentable and understandable realistic animation graphics.

3D character Designing

Our expert animators create delightful character designs to provide our clients with unmatched animation services. With a specialized team in 2D and 3D character rigging, we are able to transform any character into virtually animated one. We create interactive character animation allowing a custom character, mascot, or logo come to life so it can virtually interact with the users. Our continuous efforts are to serve our clients with best of our imagination to create the characters even better of your imagination. As animated characters are a way to bringing imagined characters to life, we know the art best to get it done.

Character Rigging

We build a character using our specialized Rigging and Animation services. It is always nice having an appealing character that can interact with the users. In this, our comprehensive knowledge in 3D character Rigging and Animation makes the client's requested scenes look alive in the best presentable way. As rigging works similar to bones in the body, our artists make a character movable after undertaking the process of rigging. The animation technique of rigging along with skinning plays a key role in making any character movable. And by implementing the technique properly, we make imagined characters movable and real.

3D Modelling & Texturing

We serve a full range of 3D services - from modeling to rendering, animation, and interactive multimedia - utilizing the industry standard software. It simplifies the message of content carried by main data that leads to a simple and attractive way of showing information. As is important to influence your customer's mind and make things look alive, we are capable of doing so. If you need to texture anything in 3D, our Roopokar 3D Studio designers remain ready to do it as well for a reason that unlike traditional flat 2D images, a 3D model offers more wide and versatile views, perspectives, lightning, altitude.

360 Interactive Virtual Tour

One URL allows anyone experience your venue or event anywhere. We combine premium photography of a location or event with a bespoke digital interface. This offers viewers a near lifelike experience to any location, property, venue, or event. The end result comes to customers as a premium and permanent online experience viewable through a website, social media, tablet, or mobile. For venues that are looking to reach the audience who can not physically visit or attend, 360 virtual reality as a visualize technology proves an instant way for such audience to experience like being there.