Published - Jul 4, 2023

Is JavaScript better than Python?

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Is JavaScript better than Python?

In recent years, several new programming languages have gained prominence. Languages like Ruby, Kotlin, Python, Crystal, and Rust have all captured the hearts and minds of programmers all around the world.

While Ruby and Python appear to be the most popular, Python tops the list. Despite the fact that JavaScript is the superior language, some programmers prefer Python.

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Here are five reasons why Python is an excellent programming language, but JavaScript is superior.

1. JavaScript is superior for web development

JavaScript is definitely superior to Python for website development for one simple reason: JS runs in the browser, whereas Python is a server-side backend language.

While Python may be used to develop a website in part, it cannot be utilized entirely. To react to queries that return HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, Python must be used. Furthermore, building a website with Python is a difficult procedure. Even while frameworks like Django and Flask exist to make the process easier, utilizing Python isn’t ideal.

For desktop and mobile webpages, JavaScript is the best option. JavaScript, in conjunction with JQuery, Angular, and React, gives almost limitless web development possibilities.

2. JavaScript is more likely to be known by experienced developers

When a company or person employs a programmer for a project, having an experienced developer is critical to the project’s success. The issue with Python coders is that it is impossible to ascertain how much real-world experience they have. The same can be said about JavaScript developers; but, because it has been a standard for decades, it is simpler to locate skilled JS developers.

While Python was released in 1989, nearly six years before JavaScript, it did not gain popularity until Google embraced it and invested in its future development. That means that the vast majority of seasoned engineers who began their careers in the 1990s are more likely to be familiar with JavaScript than Python.

3. JavaScript offers a straight route into the IT sector

There will always be die-hard Python supporters who can make a compelling case for studying Python. However, if you want to get into the computer industry, JavaScript is your ticket.

Because JavaScript is a required component of front-end website development, you’ll be able to earn money as a freelancer or as part of a team.

Searching job posting sites for programming opportunities suggests a strong desire for JavaScript programmers. While some firms may not know which programming language is appropriate for their project, if they are working on a front-end website, they will require at least some JavaScript development.

4. JavaScript is simple to learn

Although many people believe Python is simpler to learn than JavaScript, this is not true for programmers. The fundamentals of JS may be mastered in a matter of months, and with a year of devotion, a person can begin making a living with their abilities.

5. JavaScript has traditionally been the most popular programming language

JavaScript has been popular since its initial release in 1995, and this trend is unlikely to stop very soon. Even today, Brendan Eich, the primary designer of JavaScript, believes that every web developer should be familiar with JavaScript, Java, and Python.

While Python is a useful programming language to know, it is not a stand-alone solution for web development. Python is a useful complement to current web programming languages, but it is incapable of doing much on its own.

It may be a logical fallacy to claim that JavaScript is superior because it has been used for a long time, yet programming languages stay popular for good reason. This is due to functionality, dependability, and ease of use. All of those needs are met by JavaScript.

Programming languages serve many functions

The purpose of any new programming language is to improve on characteristics such as performance, debugging, and memory management. Some of the older, fundamental programming languages are helpful, but they have significant disadvantages when compared to new languages.

Whether you like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or Rust, they all serve a function. Some languages’ functionality overlaps, but others are more robust and allow better debugging.

If you want a thriving programming career, it’s a good idea to learn the programming languages that are in high demand. This will necessitate learning languages that aren’t necessarily the best, but if those languages meet the needs of a client, that’s where your income will come from.


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