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Supercharge your startup journey and accelerate your business growth by partnering with a trusted startup solutions company. Whether you are at the seed stage, expansion stage, or growing into a small business, we can help you innovate, validate, build & scale your products. Nubiz caters to B2B, B2C, and, B2E companies. So, no matter which niche your company focuses on, with us you are safe!
We will help you from the initial idea to it’s flawless execution. We will hold your hand throughout the journey with our ongoing support, to give your business the required boost it deserves. At Nubiz we guarantee you quality, so, with us on your side, you need to worry no longer. Now be it any technical problem you are facing, or are looking for a marketing consultation to help thrive in your business, search no more! Just a few clicks, and we will be there.
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We satisfy your business's needs by executing our strategically planned procedures using a combination of cutting-edge technology and serious engineering to help produce customized solutions for any sector. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that your startup business is in competent hands. Our developers, marketing and consulting experts have the technical skills and industry knowledge to create, integrate, and personalize any website or application to match your vision.p>

Startup consultation

Startup consultation

Web development

Web development

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

App development

App development

Design and testing

Design and testing

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Engagement modules

Engagement modules

Software development services

Software development services

Your Reliable Startup IT Solution Partner!

We follow an agile project management methodology that helps us focus on execution, speed, and pivots. The methodology enables us to deal with all the uncertainties of a startup that comes after the initial stages.


Our expertise goes beyond what’s written here. We ourselves starting off as a startup group, today are thriving through all the odds and are among one of the best in the industry.

Having first-hand experience at startups, we understand thoroughly the functioning and challenges a startup faces or might face in the future. Our entrepreneurial experts over the years have helped hundreds of startups with consultation and IT solutions that have helped them grow and sustain.

By joining hands with us, your business could be the next star in the industry, so don’t just sit back and relax, reach out to us so we can help your business grow.


Who doesn’t like growth and big revenues? Sure, you love it too. We focus on scalability by making sure that the startup is up to date as per the industry requirement.

No matter if your idea is just in the making phase or you have taken your first step and have started a business or you are running a well-established business and are looking to expand, we can help all types. Our experts will closely work with you and will help you boost your unique business.

Team agility

Our approach to project management and software development is iterative, which allows teams to provide value to clients faster and with fewer difficulties. We examine requirements, plans, and results on a regular basis so that teams have a natural process for adjusting swiftly to change.

Through the collaboration of self-organizing and cross-functional teams with our clients and end-users, we identify requirements and enhance solutions. Adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and adaptable reactions to changes in needs, capability, and knowledge of the challenges to be solved are the virtue of shibboleth of our organization.

Flexible engagement modules

Our digital marketing team is highly qualified to identify the market situations and offer you a strategy that will 100% help you connect with your customers better and help you generate better revenues than any time before.

We design flexible modules as per your requirements and market needs. We have highly qualified digital marketers with multiple years of experience who along with handling your digital campaigns will guide you on how you can better engage with your customers or clients that will help you generate better revenues and in turn boost your business.

Resolving time

In the tech world Nubiz is known for providing quality service within a fixed timeline. Today we have hundreds of happy customers all around the globe solely because of this feature of ours. 

When working with us, you need not worry about the deadline. We work day and night to ensure that all your projects mostly get delivered on time if not before the deadline because we believe in what we say and with us, you’ll never be disappointed when it comes to quality work. 

Don't Let Cost Be A Concern

The cost of developing a startup solution may vary depending on the type of digital solution, features, integrations, and functionalities, you want to add. Not only this, but the type of engagement or hiring model you’re choosing from our company also impacts the cost of your development project.

Dedicated Team Model

Trace your progress by working closely with us for your long-term projects.

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast-Paced
  • Complete Control
  • Focused Approach
  • Long-term projects
  • Better results
  • Regular updates
  • Contact

Fixed cost model

For short-term projects where you get cost-effective offers, timely delivery, and quality.

  • Defined deliverables
  • No hidden cost
  • Optional control
  • Lower risk
  • Short-term projects
  • Timely updates
  • Focused approach
  • Contact

Hourly Model

For very short-term projects with utmost quality and cost control.

  • Easy start
  • Cost control
  • Flexible workflow
  • Partial supervision
  • Short-term projects
  • Lower risk
  • Transparent billing
  • Contact

We Build Startup Solutions for Every Niche


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