Android Navtive Applications

Having deep knowledge of modern platforms including 2.0, 2.1, SDK, 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0, our well-trained developers and designers work together for developing a custom Android app. The Android team here keeps updates of latest changes in Android app platform that we closely consider while creating a user-oriented application. The experts in the team have a potential for creating any imaginable Android app, state of the art design, or innovative techniques. Our designers are well adept with Android SDK and can create Android mobile app development for new and old Android versions. We recommend customers multi-platform based app development seeing multi-platform on run.

IOS Navtive Applications

iOS has been a breakthrough in transforming the medium of communication through smartphones. With over 650000 apps, iOS has created many innovative and dedicated functionality for current age mobile devices. The widespread popularity of iOS based apps made 30 million apps being downloaded by end users from its App store. Nubiz takes proud in its highly skilled iOS developers who create iPhone apps for this much popular and used platform. Using the same platform, users can promote their brand and can gain it a global recommendation. Building on the robustness of Apple SDK, our iOS app developers ensure iPhone open app development to businesses and clients remain connected.

Appcelerator Titanium App

The application software has already revolutionized doing the business and the advent of Appcelerator Titanium is adding more to the revolution. This advance technology helps target multiple platforms of iOS, ANDROID, and WINDOWS with the same base code and interface for the one to outreach a larger public. The platform of the app has different criteria that require less hassle and time to maintain. In widely use among the enterprises, the app is pushing the businesses to bloom. To bring the leading edge to the clients, our developers ensure that the app is expertly built to function accurately across the multiple platforms thus proving our cross-platform app development skills.

Mobile Game Development

Categorized as the most popular, the mobile game development has potential to reach an incredible number of mobile users. Users also take joy in solving a casual puzzle or getting engrossed in an interactive storytelling. Mobile game developers, at Nubiz, use industry leading tools like Maya, Unity, and others to create the best mobile gaming experience. Adept with the advanced gaming technology, we put on offer the interactive and engaging games aiming multiple platforms like the PCs, Internet, Mobile, PDAs, and others. The game as an alternative for monetization like pay-to-download, in-app purchase, advertising, and for your need related to the game, we're supremely skilled and will develop it for you, the way you want.